Wiki Loves Monuments 2022

We are pleased to announce the next edition of the "Wiki Likes Monuments" competition. It is an open photo competition to which we invite both professionals and amateurs. The 10 best photos of this year's edition of "Wiki Likes Monuments" will go to the international final of the competition, where it will compete with photos from dozens of countries.


The aim of the competition is to photograph and preserve for future generations the monuments of Polish and the world. The idea is to collect documentation of Polish material heritage and make it available for free to everyone in the world.

The competition photographs will become part of Wikipedia's multimedia resources and will be able to illustrate entries in almost 300 language versions. Photographs will also be able to be used - completely for free - in educational or tourist publications.

We are interested in various photos of monuments. These can be good quality or interesting photos of the most famous objects in our country. But we are also waiting for photographs of lesser-known buildings. It can be a historic windmill, an abandoned industrial plant, a small chapel, a disused church - the ground so that the object appears in the register of monuments

The competition is part of the global Wiki Loves Monuments initiative.

The idea for the competition was born in 2010 in the Netherlands. A year later, 5,500 photographers from 18 European countries (including Polish) participated in the competition for the awards, who sent a total of over 168,000 photos – thanks to which Wiki Loves Monuments 2011 was included in the Guinness Book of Records in the "Largest Photo Competition" category. The third edition of the competition, which took place on 1-30 September 2012, has already covered the whole world: 15,000 people from 35 countries sent over 365,000 photos.

We want the acquired photos to have not only aesthetic value, but also encyclopedic value. They are to delight, but also to educate, captured monuments must be in the register of monuments. That is why our jury consists of people who not only deal with photography, but are also Wikipedians and Wikipedians. They will assess not only the technical and aesthetic qualities of photography, but also whether they will also serve Wikipedia well, its readers and readers.

Attractive prizes are provided for the winners.

The competition runs from 1 to 30 September.





Wiki Lubi Zabytki

Photographs awarded in previous years


Natalia Szafran

cooperation with the community and organizational matters

Kamila Neuman

open culture specialist


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